“HeLPing Lost Pets” Testimonials

Below are testimonials that we are sharing from HelpingLostPets.com’s testimonial page:

I’m the Director of Lost Dogs of Wisconsin and a co-founder of Lost Dogs of America. In Wisconsin we use the Help system and I can’t say enough good things about it. We have been in existence in Wisconsin for almost 6 years and started using the Help system exclusively in January 2014. It allows every lost and found dog to be pulled into one database and has immensely reduced the workload on our volunteers and increased our reunions. The ability for the owner to quickly make and distribute their own flyer is also invaluable. Currently at Lost Dogs of America we have over 25 states participating with a combined total of over 270,000 Facebook fans. The Help system, because it is map -based helps those dogs that may have crossed state lines. It also enables owners and finders of dogs to quickly search the database and potentially make their own matches. If we are going to solve the lost pet problem in America we HAVE to work towards using a central database.

HeLP has the capacity and ability to be that one database that is so desperately needed. I look forward to the day when we can welcome another volunteer group to our network of states.

Kathy Pobloskie, Co-founder of Lost Dogs of America

ELOISE is Back Home – A Message from her family
We lost Eloise around midnight on wednesday night. Helping lost pets helped us locate her within 24 hours. We spent most of the day putting posters up around the neighbourhood, but they wouldn’t have helped because she was found 3km away. We were suprised our little dog could travel that far so fast.
We are very grateful for everyone’s help.

James, Toronto, ON

ROSIE is Back Home – A Message From Rosie’s Family

A good Samaritan picked her up and brought her to the Toronto Humane Society. We received many calls from volunteers saying a matching description to Rosie was at the Humane Society. So many kind people helping! Our daughter has learned a valuable life lesson that their are many kind and caring people in our world. A happy ending! Thank you to all!

I am very happy to tell you about some exciting changes we recently made at Lost Dogs Arizona. We have partnered with HelpingLostPets.com (HeLP) to utilize their website for mapping tools and producing flyers for lost and found dogs. We believe this partnership will result in more lost dogs being reunited in Arizona.

So, if you have a lost or found dog that has not yet been posted on Lost Dogs Arizona or HeLP, complete our Dog Reporting Form: http://www.HelpingLostPets.com/LDAZ. Your dog will be posted on both HeLP and Lost Dogs Arizona.

Julie, Lost Dogs Arizona

Today is why I fight so hard to get the word out about why we need one website where every lost and found pet is listed. Last night I got a call that there was a small lab up at the school about 5 minutes from the house. The finder was letting us know that they were leaving him there because they could not take him home. It has been spotted up in the area for the last few days. I told her to hold on and I would come get him. When I got there, he was in bad shape. Dehydrated, skinny, marks on his legs and just a young pup. I brought him home and got him to the vet today to have him checked out.

So, here I sit today wondering if this is someone’s dog that was lost a month or two ago and has been fending for himself in the area or is this one some one dumped. I rode the area, but no signs and no reports at A/C. If there were signs weeks ago, maybe the owners gave up. There is just no way of knowing. But what I do know is this, if we had had this program running in our area at it’s full potential months ago and someone had lost him 2 months ago and entered him in the database, he would still be there for me to search for today.

So, Thank you for all that you are doing to help me and pets in Georgia to get Back Home to their families.

Mona, Lost Dogs Georgia

Helping Lost Pets has enabled us to streamline our flyer-making and posting system and concentrate our efforts on what we are really good at, giving people individual support and advice to find their missing dogs. Being map-based, Helping Lost Pets enables our fans, shelter staff, and volunteers to quickly see where a dog has gone missing and what found dogs may possibly match the lost dog. And since lost dogs can travel far and wide, with no regard for borders and boundaries, the map-based system provides a clear visual of where the dog may be, without the restrictions of sorting by city, county or state. I truly believe that the Helping Lost Pets system has the ability to be the ONE database for lost and found pets that is so desperately needed in North America. Since an estimated 40 – 60% of animals in shelters are lost pets, the possibility of saving many more lives can become a reality with the help of HeLP.
Kathy Pobloskie, Director, Lost Dogs of Wisconsin

People talk about No Kill, Helping Lost Pets is making that happen by providing free, quality flyers that are the most important tool to get lost animals home.

Marilyn Knapp Litt, Director, Lost Dogs of Texas

“Helping Lost Pets is an extremely valuable tool for our staff to let owners know about found pets in our shelter. Our shelter can be difficult for some people to get to if they don’t drive or live on the far side of the City. Not all owners can regularly visit the shelter so this website is an easy tool for them to use to see what animals are in our care. The website alleviates the number of people calling us to find out if their pet is in the shelter. Helping Lost Pets also allows pet owners to take control of the search for their pet, leaving more time for shelter staff to perform other duties.

Helping Lost Pets has been continuously working to improve the website and add features like the Android App. If our shelter had built our own on-line Lost & Found system, it would have only provided the basics and would not be as robust as this website is.”

Karen Edwards, City of Hamilton, Animal Services
www.hamilton.ca/animalservices ‎

**Lost for 2 days — Back Home within 1 Hour of listing on Helping Lost Pets**

NOTE FROM Good Samaritan who found the two dogs
Both Rob from helping lost pets and Deb from helping Goldens provided invaluable assistance in discovering the link between the lost and found dogs. Their quick and caring actions via e-mail made reuniting the dogs with their owners possible.

I urge every pet owner and animal lover to join the HeLP social network, whose goal is to protect our pets when they need it the most…when they are lost and we aren’t there to protect them! I firmly believe that a social network is the best way to protect and find our pets when they get lost. The more members HeLP has, the faster we will be able to get our pets home if they ever get lost.
Please join the HeLP social network. If Bentley ever gets lost again, I will feel better knowing that you were keeping a lookout for him. If your pet ever goes missing within 50 km of me, I will immediately be notified that your pet is lost, and will aid the other members of the HeLP social network in my area and be on the lookout for your pet!

Just imagine how fast the HeLP social network could get a pet home if everyone was looking for that pet…

I highly recommend pre-registering your pets. Losing a pet can be a very traumatic experience. Once registered, you can change your pet’s status from Safe to Lost with the click of a button. When you continue your search, you will know that others are HeLPing watch for your pet too! The ability to protect our pets and the pets of others is within our reach. I’m in!
Bentley’s Best Friend

A situation came up yesterday that really made me stop and think about how important Helping Lost Pets website is. I get email alerts of lost pets in my area and thought I saw one that was lost. It wasn’t the dog in question, unfortunately, but can you imagine if it had been? How incredible would that have been?
There are so many pets that need be rescued and I am thrilled to be part of the HeLP network so that more found pets can get back home. For every found pet that gets home, it means one less pet taking a spot in a shelter or a place in a foster home. I look at every pet alert that comes from the website to my email and my phone. This truly is a great thing having lost pet emails come right to my phone instantly. If you haven’t yet joined the website, please do.

You can help more pets get home.
LOYAL Rescue

I just want to thank your website for helping Thomas get home-after 35 days!!!! A nice couple found him in an area VERY far from home, went on your site, and BAM! They personally delivered him to me on Sunday night. A friend told me it’s a miracle, I said no….it’s HelpingLostPets.com!!!
Hamilton, ON

After posting our missing Boxer on www.helpinglostpets.com, I was so thankful for the immediate response and support we received from so many people. We were very thankful that the person who found our dog, drove to our area after seeing the location on your map. He found us in the area putting up posters. I cannot thank you enough for helping us find him, and so quickly!!!!!!
Volunteer pet rescuer
Napanee, Canada

A cat which had been missing for 2 months in Englehart was found and returned safely home as a direct result of the missing cat being posted on Helping Lost Pets. The post was shared and within a day or two the cat was recognized by the person who had found her. Cat and family had a happy reunion.
Anne Kennedy
Helping Homeless Pets Volunteer

I know first hand how HeLP works as it truly worked like a charm for a foster dog in our rescue that was stolen. We listed him on the site immediately, and we created the poster which is what people used to share on FB, Twitter etc. The volunteers in the area put up posters in the area and faxed to shelters and vet clinics. It was quick and easy and it helped bring our boy home!!!!!
Cherie Barlow

You are doing a great service for lost pets! Keep up the good work! We tell all our clients about you.
Bonnie McCririe Hale

We love the Helping Lost Pets website. We’re doing our best to get those in our area, signed up and registered with you. Your site is amazing! Thank you so much for all that you do.
Laura B

Dusty is home! Turns out he was not lost but stolen and sold on Kijjii! The posters from the website helped so much…we sent then to every vet office/shelter and he was recognized which helped for him to be found and brought home.

Just wanted to say that now that I have a new computer your website features work great, and I found it really practical and easy to browse! Great job!
Lost and Found Pets in Los Angeles Metro Area

I just wanted to thank Helping Lost Pets, I had a lost dog profile come into my email from your website and I knew I had recognized the dog through another site and was able to contact the owner and let her know that her dog had been found. The dog is now home safe and sound thanks to this wonderful new organization that is only going to grow bigger and better with help from you. I will continue to use this and get the word out and look forward to seeing more dogs reunited with their loved ones.