U2R Q and A

Q.  I already get lost pet site alerts.  Why should I join HeLPingLostPets.com and, in turn, join U2R?

A.  While all efforts play a role, HeLP is the only one working to integrate with shelters, rescues, and provide the platform for other lost pet initiatives to collaborate with the goal to get ALL lost and found pets into ONE database.  Until this is realized we are not fully serving owners of lost pets, nor are we doing all we can to reunite as many lost pets as possible.  In addition

  • HeLP has been built on the basis of volunteerism within the animal advocacy community.
  •  HeLP and those it works with are solely focused on the broader solution to reuniting
    missing pets.  They are not new to the community looking at it as a business model, and their partnership with Lost Dogs of America provides valuable and FREE lost pet tips, resources, and programs including tag and chip info in communities.

Q.   As a business, what are the benefits for us to become a U2R Partner?

A.  Becoming a U2R Partner provides a way for your business to not only SHOW you care about reuniting lost pets in your community, it gives you a way to do so.

  • by joining HeLP your business will be added to their map.
  • by receiving their alerts, you can devise a plan to share the lost/found pet alerts in your area with your clients, etc.
  • U2R will promote your commitment to reuniting lost pets by adding your logo/link, share ways you are helping in future blogs, and share your involvement on U2R social media.

Q.  How can my signing up as an individual really make a difference?

A.  YES!   Each and every person is vital to helping get the word out about a lost or found pet in their community.  

When a pet owner is missing their pet, they are quickly overwhelmed with how to get the word out as quickly and effectively as possible and with MINIMAL COSTS.   By joining U2R which includes receiving/sharing alerts from HeLP,  you will not only be able to assist owners of missing pets in your community, you can be a part of growing a free and map-based, integrated lost/found pet registry that is vital!



All members are vital to the success of Unite 2 Reunite.

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